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Happy Paws Training treats are wonderful! Our young dog Harry has a sensitive stomach - he can’t handle too much fat. We had to stop giving him treats for a while. This was a problem because Harry tends to ‘forget’ some commands when there’s not a tasty treat involved! Our vet recommended Happy Paws Training treats as a healthy treat in view of Harry’s tummy problems. Harry loves them - and his stomach remains calm.

IG (Vic, Australia) ... November 2022


Having given these to my dogs in the past, I knew they loved all flavors, so this time around I got the Perfect Pouch and then some Kangaroo, as they go crazy for those! Both my dogs absolutely love these treats and I would highly recommend them!

SS (Pennsylvania, USA) ... January 2020


Very pleased with the puppy training treats. Love that the treats are natural and healthy. Thank you for a great product.

MP (Tas, Australia) .... February 2018


I know that your treats are predominantly designed with dogs in mind but they work brilliantly for my cats as well as my dogs. One of my cats who was previously a loving and gentle boy had turned aggressive towards me for a while but with some one on one time and using your tuna fudge treats helped him realise that he got nice things when he was nice too and turn him back into the cuddly boy he always was. And the apperteaser has been amazing in getting my fussy eater to eat his food when he was eating next to nothing for days on end. I love that your treats are all natural. And that we can see the passion and dedication that goes into making them by following your facebook page. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you from me and my dogs and cats!!

BL (Vic, Australia) ... November 2017


Feeding your dog Happy Paws training treats are a healthy natural way of treating your dog. We have a new puppy and he just loves the puppy treats. There is a wide variety of options and we are looking forward to trying some new ones. I would recommend this brand to anyone who wants to treat their dogs with a chemical free product. The business owner is lovely to deal with too and always responds quickly to orders and messages.Sarah, Steph and "Ace" the White Swiss Shepherd from WA.
Sarah Martin (Australia) ... December 2016

I have been buying Happy Paws Training Treats for over 5 years now. They are the best Training incentive I have ever come across. They don't upset the stomach and she loves them. I can't say enough good things about them.
Zoe & Bella (Australia) ... May 2016

After worming we had some nauseated puppy tummies. Warrant and Lola were listless about eating kibble and at just over 3 months old they don't have a lot of resources to fall back on so skipping even one meal can cause a puppy to look emaciated and cause concern. In these cases I turn towards this very important tool in my pet products arsenal. The Apperteaser is made from all natural ingredients by a REAL person and not some manufacturing plant in China so you can TRUST that the ingredients are safe.

I simply sprinkle the top of a bowl of kibble, add hot water, and the smell alone woke them up and had them staring anxiously at the counter. I tempered it with a bit of cold water and put the bowl down. Two hungry puppies were gobbling down food in no time!!

April 2014 .... Blue Sapphire Kennels ...

Hi Lynn,So as you know my cat recently has had major surgery on her stomach. Amid a range of complications she has also started to not enjoy eating. She is on Avery special diet which is quite bland. I popped some of the sample powder you have me last night in the bowl with the food and this morning it was empty :-) also no sign of vomiting her meal which is what she has been doing. This morning I did the same thing and she ATE it. You have No idea how thrilled I am. She is still recovering and it's been a tiring process so I'm so happy your treats have helped to entice her into eating as she needs to eat to get better.
A.B. ACT (Australia) ... Nov 2013

Thanks so much, your treats are a life saver for us as my 21 month old Border Collie has IBD (Inflamed Bowel Disorder) and is super sensitive to just about everything, your treats are one of the few things that doesn't upset his tummy - so have been a life saver in his training, especially now that we are getting into Rally O. 
Oh and my 3.5 year old Border Collie just loves them also - they are his favourites.
S.R. Tas (Australia) ... Jun 2013

hi lynn, thank u for the quick postage. i want to let u know that my little coco went nuts with it! i haven't even try the gourmet ones yet. i put some of the paws awhile in his treat balls and he's now running the house chasing it. its crunchy too which he loves as well. i think i finally a product im sticking too. i will post more in ur website including my coco's photo if you don't mind.
thanks again, mimi & coco
N.M. NSW (Australia) ... Jan 2013

Hi Lyn,
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the sample pack I purchased recently. My dogs absolutely go crazy for them, they are fantastic, even my fussy eater can't get enough of them. Looking forward to my current order arriving and so are the fur kids.
M.H. Vic (Australia) ... Dec 2012

Lynn,, will be going to the Happy Paws treats website in the next day or so to order. My little Max dog is suspected of having Cushings Disease, and with all the blood tests required, he now hates even getting into the car! I dropped of a pee sample today, got the Vet people to interact with him - there were a few he didn't WANT to interact with him, nor him with them! My trick to get him to acknowlede the Vet again? HAPPY PAWS TRAINING TREATS!!!! Sorry, bribery, but your product WORKED!!! I'll be ordering more, as I'm nearly out, and with Cushings, he's going to need quite a few blood tests..... THANK GOD FOR YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!
J.A. WA (Australia) ... Oct 2012

Dear Lynne
Thank you for your Sponsorship of the West Australian Dances with Dogs State Competition. I was the lucky recipient of one of your sample packs which my dogs just adore! Training new tricks just got a tad easier with those yummy treats on hand (and my dogs vowed for that one) It got my two woofers just that needed motivation for trying extra hard. The woofers favorite was the goat treat. They will make great Christmas presents must remember to put it on my X-mas wishlist.
Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to try out your great products.
Maja Pitts and my two dancing woofers Taco HTM.N,DWDF.N & Teaser HTM.S, DWDF.A
M.P. WA (Australia) ... Sep 2012

Two of my dogs suffer from pancreatitis and these treats were recommended as being low fat extras that my dogs could eat. I find they can eat them with no ill effects and they love them!
A.R. NSW (Australia) ... Sep 2012

Hi Everybody,
I'ts Aj and Millie here to tell you how much we love Lynn's yummy treats. Pauline our minder won't let us have anything that is processed as she believes it is not good for us. We are lucky that Lynn's treats are made from all good meat and are crunchy, no build up on our teeth. We highly recommend that minders buy these treats for their favourite four legged companions. Can you see the smiles on our faces now just thinking of our treats!
Pauline Vic (Australia) ... Aug 2012

OMG, the postie just came to the door & what did he have for us, a package from HPTT!!! I told my 3 dogs that the pkg was for them, they all watched me open it. We started with the Tuna Fudge since its perishable. I had each dog do something to earn a reward, like a 'down', then a handshake. They each had 3 pieces. They kept wanting to do things to get more! We'll do some more later today. I reckon they would do anything for them! Thank you Lynn from me, Emmy, Neville, & Heidi. I'm sure Cheyenne will love them too when she comes home. Can't wait to try the other 3 treats in the sample pack.
P.K. Tas (Australia) .... Jun 2012

My dog LOVES the treats, the wild rabbit and cheese bites are his favourite... it was difficult to find a high value treat for him, but I have tried these for 2 days and he will do ANYTHING for them. Recommended.
N.K. NSW (Australia) ... Jan 2012

I have a 7&1/2 month old German Shepherd boy being trained as my service dog. He is very stubborn right now as he has started going through his teen defiant years. I have used every treat you can imagine (liver, chicken, biscuts) to redirect his behavior and nothing works but HPTT. There is nothing he won't do for them and it really doesn't matter what kind. When he sees the bag, he is right there just waiting for a command. You can tell just by the way he looks at you that he is ready and waiting. Anything to get that HPTT. I panic when my supply gets low !!!
S.L. California (USA) ... Jan 2012

I can not believe that after hours and hours of cooking sausages, hamburgers, chicken and hotdogs, what my dog loves the most are your treats! I'm happy - less time in the kitchen and more time for play and training. I am so happy I discovered these treats - thanks from Whisper (6 month old Kelpie).
L.M. Vic (Australia) ... Jan 2012

Happy Paws Training treats are the perfect sized treat to teach your dog to instantly sit beside you the moment you stop walking.
D.M. Tas (Australia) ... Nov 2011

Happy Paws Training Treats have always been a HUGE hit in our ‘Fur Family’, so imagine my devastation when I left them at home in Sydney when I travelled down to the 2010 Royal Melbourne Show with our White Swiss Shepherd Dogs “Thor” & “Inga” plus German Shepherd Dog “Riot”.

However, we were not to go without! I would like to say the BIGGEST thanks to LYNN from Happy Paws Training Treats, who was present at the Royal Show, and organised super fast for some Tuna Fudge (Thor’s Favourite!) to be picked up & delivered to us at the show on the SAME DAY! Lynn is truly a super woman, her dedication & passion regarding her treats, and for the dogs whom she makes them for, is second to none!

When Thor got a whiff of his favourite Happy Paws Training Treats, the spring was returned to his step, and he won BEST OF BREED! I’m almost certain it was those treats that gave him the winning edge in the ring, the animation, movement & expression were all from him ‘working’ to earn his ‘lollies’.

Treats aside, I would like to commend & thank Lynn from Happy Paws Training Treats for the genuine care & love shown towards our dogs at the show, namely “Riot” the German Shepherd. He suffers from separation anxiety when my partner is not around, so it makes it difficult if he has to leave to exhibit a different dog, or even simple things like going to get lunch or a bathroom visit. Armed with treats & a big heart, Lynn sat & cuddled with Riot, it was amazing to see him calm with someone else, it was if he knew what we already knew, that Lynn was really someone very special. So as Lynn fell in love with Riot, we too saw Riot fall in love with Lynn. Thank you for taking such great care of him at the show, we are forever grateful!!

I highly recommend Happy Paws Training Treats to anyone looking for all natural treats for their dogs. And even better, knowing that the person making them, has hand prepared every single piece, with a little love thrown in too…

Ange & Dale

Eishund White Swiss Shepherd Dogs NSW (Aust)… Sept 2010 …
Aufstand German Shepherd Dogs NSW (Aust) … Sept 2010 …

Sasha and I are writing to thank you for creating Happy Paws Training Treats. Sasha is an 11 year old shepard husky mix who has been diabetic for more than 2 years. The hard part of her situation is the need to control her diet - dog biscuits are off limits because they contain so much sugar. Then we found out about Happy Paws Training Treats. Sasha has enjoyed them for more than 6 months and now her diabetes is in perfect control. Thank you for helping my sweet girl return to optimal health. You're the best!
P.A. Massachusetts (USA) .... May 2011

I wanted to thank you for your Happy Paws Training Treats and to tell you just how effective they are. I have an owner trained assistance dog called Tlaloc and I have been training him to help me in tasks around the home and in public. Yesterday, Tlaloc was invited to demonstrate some of his skills to a large audience in a public area with lots of pedestrian traffic and with the distraction of two dogs nearby. It was a first for both of us. Tlaloc places such a high value on your venison and goat training treats that he was able to maintain focus and perform the requested skills to the delight of the audience. When he received his applause, I thought to myself that you should also be applauded for creating a highly desirable training treat that is safe for a dog with severe food allergies.

Click picture to view a video of my work!!!
Click picture above to view a video of what I can do!!
Dxenion Working Dogs W.A. (Australia) ... May 2011

Australia Post delivered our Happy Paws Training Treats parcel to the door late yesterday evening but we didn't find it until this morning. In hindsight, it does explain why all four dogs were especially attentive at the front door all last night! I brought the parcel inside and the dogs went nuts over the smell. I just about had to lock myself in the bathroom so that I could open the package without getting trampled. I can honestly say that we get a lot of treats delivered for them but not one parcel has aroused their interest like yours did. We trialled them on the venison first to see if they like it. Who am I kidding - I'm lucky I got my fingers back! Thanks to these perfectly sized irresistable training treats, our White Swiss Shepherd import and our three German Shepherds have perfected a new trick - drooling!
Dxenion Working Dogs W.A. (Australia) ... May 2011

Rufus (my GSD) loves these treats - especially the goat. No lost pieces of food on the training ground!! However, I would argue that these are not dog treats at all! They are dog and cat treats! Einstein, the cat, is mad for the goat and venison treats. I have to lock the treats away as I have found him hunting through the packets on the bench. I am tempted to see if the fish like it too!! Thank you - from all of us!
M.B.T. Vic (Australia) ... Apr 2011

My crew and I would like to give ‘a big paws’ up for the new goat treats. I am especially delighted with how popular they are with my young Border Collie who is not a food hound in any sense of the word – why eat a treat when there is a ball to be played with ? However from the moment the goat treats first made it through the door, she had her head in the bag checking them out and worked enthusiastically for them any time they were offered. At her first agility trial last weekend, we used the treats before and after she went into the ring, and gained a clear run, finishing in first place with a time of just over 14 seconds – "powered by goat" ! So many thanks for an excellent product and I am happy that I can now confidently use food rewards in conjunction with toy rewards in my training program. We will definitely be ordering more !
J.L. Bulla Agility Dog Club ...... Mar 2011

This is "Sasha" writing from Townsend, MA, USA. I absolutely love to receive packages in the mail and now I know that HAPPY PAWS are my FAVORITE treat. I am so glad that "Oberon" from Colorado told his Mom to send me some. My mom said I could order more - I am diabetic so they will be a worry free alternative to high carb options. Thanks for being there for all of us!
xoxox, Sasha and my person Pat
P.M. MA (USA)  ... Dec 2010

Thank you to Happy Paws Treats for your incredible donation to our wonderful cause. Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc endeavours to provide safe and happy foster and permanent homes to working dogs in need and Lynn has kindly donated her incredible treats to our cause. Our four legged friends and owners are very happy! Thank you Lynn and Zena for your kindness and your generosity.
AWDRI Qld (Australia) ... Dec 2010

Our puppy, Sunny, just LOVES happy paws training treats! They are the reason he learned to follow commands as young as he did! He can't get enough of the "BBQ chicken" and "Turkey" flavours. We've had to hide them on top of the fridge so he can't get to them! Thank you to Lynn and Zena for creating such a wonderful product.
L.M. Qld (Australia) ... Dec 2010

We tried Happy Paws training treats for the first time on our imported White Swiss Shepherd Kesari, at the 2010 ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW!!!

Our first show together, and Kesari had only been out of quarantine 3 weeks. Being young and in a new environment, I have tried many different brands of treats and chews all unsuccessfully. She is also still aware of strangers and will not take food from them. And NOTHING works during training!

So when she took the tuna fudge out of my hand as the public was trawling through at the Royal I nearly died! What's more she came asking for seconds! So our preparation on the day became incredibly easy and it boosted my confidence no end. The other thing that left me speechless is that of all treat varieties any form of dried liver is Kesari's least favourite. And yet when I placed a piece of Perfect Pooch under her nose while asleep, she took it quickly and again sat up asking for more!!

Given that I love to be very generous with handing out treats, the size of both the Tuna Fudge and the Perfect Pooch is perfect for me to be generous without replacing an entire meal!

Kesari went on to win Runner Up Best of Breed at the 2010 Royal Melbourne Show - not bad for our first show! And I definitely have Lynn's treats to thank for helping us get there with such ease. It's the only treat you'll see me out with from now on!

Saffioraire White Swiss Shepherds Vic (Aust) ... Sept 2010 ......

These are the best treats i have ever come across. I am especially happy that I am really treating my pets with these all natural preservative free food.
They work so well for my cheeky puppy and grouch older dog, these are the only treats i can use that will get my pets attention 100% - or distraction - depending on how you look at it! :) They are fantastic! Thank you!
A.H. Vic (Australia) ... Sept 2010
Video submitted by S.S. Tas (Australia) ... Sept 2010

Just wanted to share my story of your amazing treats and my two dogs. Peanut my chow mix, is very, very finicky. When she is given a treat she will take it somewhere and leave it, and usually doesn't eat it. It gets 'found' later by my White Shepherd Oberon and eaten. The first time Peanut was given a Happy Paws Treat she took it and got about 4 steps away from me. Then stopped suddenly, gulped the treat, and came back to me immediately. She sat (without being told) and started drooling all over the floor! She eats the Happy Paws treats right away now, afraid that Oberon will get more of your yummy treats than she will! Oberon isn't as picky with treats as she is, however he knows which drawer the Happy Paws treats are kept in, and will walk up to it and 'nose' the drawer to get me to give him some. When I pull the bag out he immediately sits, and while I am removing the treats he is impatiently 'tapping' the floor with his front paw. :) The reason the treats are in a special drawer now is because my cats discovered the Happy Paws Apperteaser - I had forgotten about it and left it on the back of the kitchen counter. (The Apperteaser is AWESOME for sprinkling on food when my babies decide they aren't too hungry). My cats found it, pulled it off to the floor, and had it ripped open before I could get to it. I didn't lose that much of it, but there was some powder that spilled on the kitchen throw rug. Oberon kept licking that area of the throw rug for days to get every last drop of the Apperteaser!!! I'm so glad I found these treats - they are wonderful to have for my dogs. They aren't crumbly or messy, and are easy to store. My babies absolutely adore them! My dogs don't drool over food usually, but I have 'drips' to clean up when it's time for them to get the Happy Paws Treats! Thank you for a wonderful product!
S.G. Colorado U.S.A. ... Jul 2010

We purchased the Perfect Pooch - We have been struggling with our beagles with focus....I just did a really quick training session with them, on *focus* and they were unbelievable. They both really love the treats. The reaction to them as compared to just liver treats is amazing, they are really motivated to do the *right* thing when they realise I will give them just one tasty morsel.......the bag is hidden at the top of the cupboard and is designated for training ONLY, as, after all - Nothing In Life is Free !
Thank you so much!
J.G. Qld (Australia) ... Jun 2010

What I like about the Happy Paws treats (apart from the dogguns loving them) is that they don't go powdery or crumbly and leave a mess in your pockets - good for the squeamish vegetarian folks like me :) Hate those little crumbs of liver treat that get caught in your pocket lining!
M.H. Tas (Australia) ... Jun 2010

We received our order of Happy Paws Training Treats today (great communication & speedy postage by the way) and they are definitely a hit with "Troopa" already.
I used them for our clicker training today. Our pooch has always had a hard time with remaining in a sit position for 'stay' but today he put in more effort than ever to remain waiting for the click. These treats must be a huge motivator for him to want to perform so well. Thank you so much. Expect to receive a lot more business from us in the future :-)
M.K. SA (Australia) ... May 2010

Thanks so much Lynn. You're a pleasure to do business with. Luigi highly approves of the treats . :-) He will even do a drop stay on the cold tile floor for a Happy Paws treat! They are just what Luigi needs. He does a lot of training in his role as an assistance dog and these treats tick all the boxes, including the most important box - not making him sick!!!! A lot of treats I've tried have made him unwell. Its such a gamble with his sensitive tummy - which I am sure you understand all too well with Zena. Im really happy with the treats and cant gush about them enough but my words are not nearly as important as Luigi's reaction to them... both with the motivation he has to obtain them, and the fact they agree with his little tummy. That is more important than anything I can say about them. As they say - the proof of the pudding is in the eating!! I've done a little write up on them on Luigi's blog ......

M.J. Vic (Australia) ... Apr 2010

These are by far the best product we have ever tried. My dog loves them and goes crazy everytime she hears the package being opened! Great to find treats that are so natural and nutritious and obviously so so tasty! Thanks Lynn!
S.I. NSW (Australia) ... Mar 2010

Just saw your new pictures of your products. Love your idea of keeping the Perfect Apperteaser in the off to buy one tomorrow ....thanks for the idea...cheers
K.A. Vic (Australia) ... Feb 2010

I received my first order today and I was amazed at the reaction from my dogs - it was like watching an episode of the wrestling as they tried to get their share! My old silky x girl is 17, can no longer eat hard food, but she nearly took my finger off when I offered her the treats. I also got some Apperteaser to sprinkle on her dinner to encourage her to eat and she gobbled it all down. I am really impressed, and will be ordering again, I reckon I could win Funniest Home Videos if someone was here to record what happened today!
V.J. NSW (Asutralia) ... Feb 2010

I try to give my dogs healthy treats with no preservatives etc - my dogs just love Happy Paws Training Treats. Thanks Lynn.
M.C. Qld (Australia) ... Feb 2010

Love the treats, and so do all the rescues - even those who aren't food motivated. The other thing I love about them is the size of each individual treat, they don't spoil meals, nor do they make the fattys fatter! After saying that, they are obviously full of favour because all the rescues (and my dogs) come running. Thanks you so much for providing such a wonderful training tool.
SHAR PEI Rescue Inc Vic (Australia) ... Jan 2010

Fantastic! My dog can be so stubborn and lately has started to refuse to come in to go to bed. I have shook her food box, her old treat box, tapped her food bowl - nothing. Yesterday her Perfect Pooch treats arrived and last night I went to get the bag to give it a shake to get her in. I didn't even get as far as shaking it, as soon as she saw the bag she sprinted over and sat at my feet! Thanks Lynn, for the prompt service too. I have already recommended Happy Paws Treats to my family and friends.
T. K. Qld (Australia) ... Jan 2010

I bought Happy Paws Training Treats as I wanted something that was healthy but still tasted great for the dogs.
And that is what I got, my dogs love them and I can rest assured that I am not giving them anything that is going to harm them in the long run. My older girl is an extremely fussy eater except for when it comes to food that has some Perfect Apperteaser sprinkled on top.
I also found the Cheese Treats were a huge hit - to the point that I have only just received my order yet I have ordered some more as I am petrified that I will run out!! Thanks to Happy Paws I have Happy Dogs!
- K.R. ACT (Australia) ... Jan 2010

If there ever was a way to get my Vizsla motivated, it's Happy Paws Tuna Fudge and Chicken Treats! He was practically begging for them! His focus is superb when there's Happy Paws involved, I won't be using anything else from now on. I've recommended them to my breeder and fellow puppy purchasers. A huge thankyou to Lynn for going out of her way to get the treats to me with an urgent plea on a Thursday afternoon when they were required by Saturday. Brilliant contact every step of the way, and they arrived on time!
- T. W. Vic (Australia) ... Jan 2010

These have to be the most motivating treats I have found yet, with the added bonus of keeping my puppy's tummy settled. These are the first treats I have found that can achieve every goal I have in mind. I will only ever be giving my dogs and my clients dogs Happy Paws Training Treats from now on. If you want the best of the best for your pooch then look no further, you will not be disappointed!
- A.R. Qld (Australia) ... Jan 2010

I can't believe I haven't left any feedback yet! I've been buying treats from Lynn for the past year and my pooches absolutely love them! Perfect for training (Moose picked up 3 new tricks in a week!) and just good if you feel the need to spoil your furkids. Not only are the treats great but the service is second to none. You can just tell they are made with love and care... wouldn't dream of getting my treats from anywhere else. THANKS! :)
- E.B. WA (Australia) ... Dec 2009

I have been using Perfect Pooch training treats with my German Shepherd in her training program and she loves them. They are very quick and easy to deliver and they are clean in my pocket. They also go a long way despite me being very generous with her rewards. I will certainly continue using them as part of my regular training routine.
- G.P. Qld (Australia) ... Dec 2009

My 2 dogs love the treats..the cat has also tried to get into them Every time I go to work, I scatter the 'paws awhile' treats about the backyard, and I also put some into 2 ltr plastic bottles to keep Candy busy while I'm out....always empty by the time I get home!
Falcon is very fussy and doesn't usually take treats, but wow..he's soo excited now when I go to the 'treat container'.
- A.W. Qld (Australia) ... Nov 2009

I have been trying to encourage my dog Taya to swim at the beach, but she doesn't like the feeling of her feet not touching the ground. Today with the help of Happy Paws treats I managed to get her swimming! I dropped the odd treat occasionally but they just floated in the water and didn't go soggy, so I was still able to use them. I will definitely be taking the treats with me again!
- L.H. WA (Australia) ... Nov 2009

I meant to tell you the treats were very helpful in settling my two dogs into their new home when I moved. We came from a rural property into town so lots of new sights, sounds and smells but the treats made them feel right at home. I had sprinkled some around the yard and house before they arrived so it was like a treasure hunt for them. They have loved the place ever since!!
- J.W. NSW (Australia) ... Oct 2009

Perfect Pooch is the most successful training treat I have used by far. The Appetiser is also great. Well Done!
- L.M. NSW (Australia) ... Oct 2009

The treats went down very well .... Bila liked them which is an improvement for her, she has been know to spit treats out in the past as she is normally on several "save the world" missions at a time and doesn't have time to eat! Koda on the other hand loved all but especially the roast chook! He stayed sitting waiting for more even after I put the bag away! Buddy (our cat) is also a fan, so much that after only 3 pieces of roast chook he forgot about dinner time for a good hour! Which is completely unheard of!!
- A.K. Vic (Australia) ... Sept 2009

Great treats! Our girl loves them! Her favourites are the fish treats and the tuna fudge. She would do anything for tuna fudge!! And Lynn's service is simply outstanding. I ordered in the morning and was able to pick the order up in the afternoon!!! I don't think this happens anywhere else. Thanks Lynn!
- S.G. Vic (Australia) ... Sept 2009

My dog loves these treats, they're great for putting a handful in your pocket when going to the park. Delivery is super quick - even to Perth
- A.E. WA (Australia) ... Sept 2009

My 3 Bulldog babes could not possibly live without them. It's a real joy to see the smiling gobs :-)
- Anna, NSW ... Sept 2009

We purchased the new Wild Rabbit training treats and our dogs went nuts for them. We have 4 dogs and all of them liked them. The service from Happy Paws has also been excellent. I am a very happy repeat customer.
- M.B. Vic (Australia) ... Aug 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video says it all...
Schatzi likes her rabbit treats/
- RDM NSW ... Aug 2009

We discovered these yummy treats and now my "normal" treats are not good enough! I will be having to put in a regular order from now on, or I think my dog may refuse to work! She loves them, I have even washed some in my pockets and no yukky, sticky mess. They are the same even after being in the treat bag for a while. The dogs also love their "sprinkles" on their dinner. Happy pooches - happy mum!
- J.G. W.A. ... Aug 2009

These treats are so amazing !! They have allowed me to find a training treat that my German Shepherd pup can finally eat (as she has food allergies) and she goes totally nuts about them. She will leave any situation to come running back for Happy Paws Training Treats. They have also been a miracle cure for my older boy who has never been a food oriented dog, who will now sit drop and come back for these wonderfull tasty treats. Also the powder has made these 2 very fussy eaters lick their bowls clean. Thanks for a wonderful product Lynn
- S.L. Victoria (Australia) ... Aug 2009

Happy Paws are great! I don't get messy, smelly hands, they are the right size for smaller dogs. The roast chicken treats & BBQ chicken treats even smell good to me & Frankie is happy to work hard to get one of these tasty morsels. Thank you Lynn.
- J.H. Tasmania (Australia) ... Aug 2009

My dogs love their "Happy Paws" Treats. My boy doesnt like biscuity style commercial treats, but he loves Happy Paws. They have been a big help in getting my girl to do her weavers in agility! Knowing they are getting a natural treat that is free of preservatives keeps their "Mum" happy too! :)
- RDM, NSW (Australia)

Faaar out will I never learn? . Blossom has just eaten my remaining supplies of treats . While I was in the bathroom she went on a seek and eat mission and found the treats in my dog show bag. She took them up to *my* bed and ate the lot - plastic bag and all . Luckily my latest order arrived last night . Now I just need to remember to keep them away from my Maltese 'Seek and Eat' dog. I got the roast chicken treats, the Perfect Pooch training treats (500 grams - they are great - dogs love them and they are not mushy in my pocket) and fish treats. I started dumbell training with all four dogs last night. They were fighting for their turn to get a roast chicken treat . You should have seen the speed they spat the dumbell out when I said "good" and they knew they were going to get a treat.
- ACT (Australia)

Woohoo!!! My dog just loves her perfect pooch treats! I didn't think she could sit any quicker than she already was but with these treats as a reward her behind hits the floor faster than a speeding bullet. The delivery was sooo quick too - very impressed and looking forward to our tasty prizes!!
- Perth (WA)

Our treats arrived today! Got here just in time, had almost ran out! I have been ordering the Perfect Pooch - Bella loves the variety! And the Pawsawhile are great too! Bella is always rushing to go out into the backyard when she sees me sprinkling some around! Keeps her occupied while I leave. Its always great dealing with Lynn - great treats and great service!
- Syd (Australia)

Wow, ordered Monday, delivered today Wednesday - how's that for service. Bronte loves her new treats and I'm happy as I'm not rummaging around for a liver treat the right size. These treats are the right size everytime and are better for her. Thank you Lynn, I'm sure we'll be ordering more before you know it as we start serious training in just over a week.
- Melb (Australia)

Decided to purchase the "Perfect Pooch" training treats to avoid the consumption of carbs in my Lab. She has constant ear infections and it was suggested somewhere to avoid flours etc. Ordered on Sunday night and they arrived today. Considering we live in a remote location that was great! Dax knew something was up even before we got in the door from the Post Office. Went down really well. Lynn was very prompt and the service was exceptional. I can't see them lasting very long so a reorder will be needed. Good dealing with a lady so passionate about her product.
- NSW (Australia)

"My partner and I saw the Perfect Pooch treats being raved about on DogzOnline, and really liked the idea of a natural treat with no preservatives, etc., so I placed an order, Lynn was fantastic to communicate with re: payment and postage details, and they arrived the day after they were posted. Of course, once they arrived I just had to go and dog-nap my mother in law's dog to try them out as we were still waiting to bring our puppy home. She ran right to the dining table when we got home, and waited for me to open the bag and then we ran through every trick she knows at least twice. There was one flavour she wasn't keen on, but overall she was fairly desperate to get as many as she could! After putting the treats away - safely out of paws reach, and getting back to work, she then came into my office, looked at me for a while and then sat in the corner and sulked - facing the wall to show me how unimpressed she was that the treats were gone. After an hour or two I glanced over her way and as soon as she heard the chair turn around, she spun around, ears pricked up and all ready to perform whatever tricks required to get more treats. So we did round 2, and then she went outside for a toilet break, and started madly sniffing around the grass - I was wondering if a cat had been in the yard or something, but no - I'd thrown the two treats she spat back out at me earlier onto the grass, and she found them and ate them, so - overall definitely a huge success, and now I'll have to explain her new addiction to the mother in law!

Update: our new puppy loves them too
- NSW (Australia)

I am pleased to be able to say we are not repeating our mistakes that we did with our old dog. Training and social skills are a priority and the efforts so far are paying off. There isnt a day goes by that we dont make some comment about how we wish we had done it the right way and found this site last time around. The same goes for feeding. A better diet, with a daily raw component, quality dry and quality treats.
- A.S. Australia

I had a trainer come to my place last week and she had some of your treats and they worked absolute wonders with my puppies.
- A.F. Western Australia

Just thought I would give you some feedback from my consult tonight. I met with a stressed out Lab X Poodle who is petrified of the rain. Luckily we had a few heavy showers while I was there and with some redirection and your fabulous treats I was able to keep her focussed on me beautifully. The owners were absolutley amazed that this was the same dog who just yesterday needed Valium and was still frantically pacing and barking. Obviously they will still need to put in a lot of time and effort with her but to have something that she is completely focussed on will help immensley. I am sure they will be putting an order in very soon!!
- T.B. Adelaide (Australia)

The dogs love them and they are great for bait in the show ring.... Great value for money.
- CVS. ACT (Australia)

You won't remember, but I complained about some commercial treats not having very nice "end" results for Toby. No such problems with your treats !!
- A.S. Australia

These are the best treats on the planet. Have not had one dog refuse them yet in my recent endeavours as an instructor at dog club. If you are looking for a treat that is easy to use, not cumbersome in size and great for training, then get some of these. Great variety, your training friend will not know what is coming next, very good for keeping the attention of your friend. Cannot recommend highly enough.
- R.F. Victoria (Australia)

Love how Happy Paws Treats is made from natural ingredients without preservatives and chemicals, so much better and healthier compared to whats available in supermarkets! Our first order was the Roast Chicken and Perfect Puppy, our cavoodle puppy absolutely loves it and the size of the treats is just perfect for her to chew on! If you want to give your furry friends the best, give these treats a go I'm sure they'll love it too!
- A.Y. Victoria (Australia)

Hi there, I would just like to tell a story about Happy Treats. I rescued a White Shepherd 18 months ago who had been treated sooooo badly that she was Blind and Diabetic. With the help of the treats I got her to become a happy healthy girl and got her to have fun for the last 12 months of her life. Spice was my heart dog and I miss her to this day, but knowing how she loved her treats and the powder to get her eating again I know that Happy Treats gave her the extra time she needed to be Loved and treated well. Thanks to Happy Paws I cannot recoment them highly enough.
-K.A. Victoria (Australia)